Ken has created more than four award winning animated short films that have played in festivals and on TV around the world. The film he created while attending The National Film School

balloonin the UK called “Balloon” has been the most successful by far.

Shot completely in camera the films original idea was to blend

drawn and model animated worlds together into one seamless

style. The simple story combined with a lighthearted animated

style creates an endearing film that manages to bring a tear and

a laugh all in ten minutes.

“Interrogating Ernie” was created when Ken was co-owner ofernieFilm

Loose Moose in London England. The film came from the studios

desire to demonstrate it’s ability to create a fusion of model and

CG animation for advertising ventures.

Of note Ken also did the Animation Direction for the creatures league

in “The League of Gentleman’s” feature film. There were numerous

creatures interacting with live action characters in what could be the

closest Ray Harryhausen homage ever created.

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