Director and animator Ken Lidster is a Canadian who, after residing in the UK for over twenty four years, is now living and working in Portland, Oregon.

Among many other projects, he is known for his brilliant and award-winning commercials for Brisk Iced Tea, featuring the likenesses of such celebrities as Bruce Willis, James Brown, Danny DeVito, Elvis Presley and Sylvester Stallone.

Ken is a graduate in Film and Animation from both The Emily Carr College of Art in Vancouver, BC, and The National Film and Television School in Beaconsfeild, Great Britain. Screened at festivals and TV stations around the world, his film “Balloon” won a “British Bafta” for Best Animated Film 1991, “Grand Primero” Cinnanima Solverde 1991, and a “Silver Hugo” form the Chicago International Film Festival.

Working as a freelance animator and Director he worked with among others, Jerry Anderson, Aardman Animation and the Spitting Image companies. Ken met Producer Glen Holberton at Spits during this time and the two began making animated commercials that led to the creation of their company Loose Moose Productions in London.

Spanning a fifteen year period at Loose Moose, Ken created over a hundred international, award-winning commercials that included Pepperami, Brisk Iced Tea, Monster Munch, Chips Ahoy and Energizer Batteries. Other notable work produced at Loose moose included the short “Interrogating Ernie” and the monster sequences in “The League of Gentlemen” feature film.

In 2008 Ken moved to Portland where he worked initially at Laika Studios as an animator on the feature “Coraline” before moving across town to take up residence as an Animation Director at “Bent Image Lab Studios“.

In the short time here he has created more award winning ads for Apple Jacks, Chips Ahoy, Bing, Windows 8, Diet Dr Pepper, Mini-Wheats…..

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