As an animator it was only natural for Ken to find himself working in the world of commercials, but after more than twenty years and countless spots to his credit its safe to say ads are his life.

The unusual aspect of Ken’s career has been the number of original campaigns attributed to him. Starting with the complete redesign of the beloved “Monster Munch” characters to the origination of such iconic spokesmen as Peperami, Energizer Battery Man, Chips Ahoy cookies and the endearing Apple Jacks buddies. Ken’s cast of characters have popped into most every one’s front room at some point.

With so many spots to his name we have tried to just focus on the larger campaigns for the site. Although most are here not all of the fifteen Peperamis, seventeen Chips Ahoy, seven Brisk, twelve Apple Jacks, five Diet Dr Pepper, six Monster Munch, Bing, Windy Miller, Lions Eggs, Lunchables, Target, Raisinettes, Windows 8, Motts, Good Seasons…….commercials are here.

campaignBrisk campaignPeperami campaignChips
campaignDrPepper campaign_Jacks campaign_microsoft

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